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Enjoy two pairs of single vision eyewear for the price of one when you visit us.


Welcome to Customeyes Optometry!

As a full-scope vision care centre, our optometrist and staff help Edmonton and Barrhead families to see great and look great, too. It is our aim to help you achieve clear, healthy vision, and that means providing personalized, attentive care. Customeyes Optometry has locations in Edmonton and Barrhead.

Our services include general eye care services, eye exams, an on-site lab, eyewear, and more.

Whatever your vision needs, you can be rest assured our optometrist will be available and ready to assist you. And, if you should ever require a referral to a local ophthalmologist in the Edmonton or Barrhead areas, we can help point you in the right direction.

A Friendly, Helpful Staff

Our optometrists (“eye doctors”), opticians, and staff can help you select the right eyewear and frame, and we’re always happy to provide feedback on which frame looks best on you. 

Eye Exams for Children and Seniors

Preparing your child for school? Vision not what it used to be? Customeyes Optometry offers eye exams for children over 3 years in age, as well as seniors!

On-Site Repairs and Prescription Lenses... in Hours!

If you already have your chosen eyewear in hand and it’s in need of prescription lenses or repairs, come to our on-site lab. A vast majority of prescriptions and repairs can be fulfilled in a short period of time — typically within hours! And, you can expect the same level of efficiency.

Plus, many types of eyeglass repairs are provided free of charge. It’s just Customeyes Optometry’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for thinking of our team first for your family’s vision care needs.

As a family-operated practice, we are able to establish relationships with the patients we see. “Big box” optical chain stores, on the other hand, have high employee turnover and by-and-large see people as just another customer. We look forward to meeting you!

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Through eye exams, eyeglass options, and contact lens fittings, we can help you maintain healthy vision.

Eye Exams for Kids, Adults and Seniors

Read about all the benefits that come with a professional eye exam.

Find a New Look

We carry the hottest designs and designer frames, including Calvin Klein, Boss, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and many more!


Insurance Coverage for Visiting an Optometrist in Edmonton or Barrhead

If you aren’t sure what your health insurance coverage actually covers when it comes to eye care, visit Customeyes Optometry with your coverage card and we’ll be able to tell you all about the benefits of your health insurance and what it allows. We’ll even make paying your coverage easier by letting you know whether or not you have access to direct billing.

Please note that we also deal with claims related to work injuries or workers’ compensation boards. If we missed your health plan, please don’t hesitate to phone us.

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians…What’s the Difference?!

Many clients are confused with these three similar-sounding terms! Allow us to shed some light on them:

  1. Optometrists are who you see to get your eyes examined. They diagnose any vision-related ailments. Optometrists often write prescriptions for eyewear. They have a Doctorate of Optometry degree and may also have additional residency training.

  2. Ophthalmologist are surgeons and specialists. They have four years of medical school and residency on top of their Bachelor’s Degree. Seeing an ophthalmologist often requires a referral from an optometrist.

  3. Lastly, opticians follow instructions provided by optometrists to design, fit and adjust vision aids such as eyeglasses. Opticians cannot diagnose conditions or write prescriptions. Opticians are trained and licensed by a college.

Did You Know ? 

Newborn babies can’t make tears. They cry, but the actual tears don’t flow until babies are about four to 13 weeks old.

Eyes blink about 12 times every 60 seconds.

When Do You Need Glasses?

Glasses enable better vision, but you may not realize you need them. Having a perfect vision is not necessarily a given that you may not need glasses in the future. If you’re not sure whether you need glasses or not, it is recommended you visit a doctor for a thorough eye check-up. However, some signs that you may need glasses are:

Man with glass
  • Difficulty seeing at night

  • Squinting and frequent headaches

  • Blurred vision

  • Trouble reading for any length of time  

  •  Feeling the need to hold things further away for clear vision

clear glass

Professional Affiliations

Alberta College of Optometrists
Alberta College and Association of Opticians
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