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Ages 0-18

Alberta Health Care coverage takes care of one complete eye exam per year. Other exams or required treatments can be covered based on your medical needs. For specific and other conditions, you need to ask your doctor for additional costs.

Ages 19-64
For individuals falling under this category, Alberta Health Care doesn’t cover eye exams. Please inquire at the clinic about the eye exam cost and about direct billing to your insurance company. Alberta Health Care covers medically necessary services.

Ages 65+
For individuals under this category, Alberta Health Care covers one complete eye exam per year. Based on medical conditions, such as glaucoma, diabetes, cataract follow-up or monitoring, additional exams or treatments may be covered. Please ask your doctor for more information about coverage costs for specific visual conditions.

Medically Necessary/Urgent Care
Optometrists have appropriate knowledge, tools and equipment to diagnose, treat and refer to a specialist if required. Referral is not required. Urgent care appointments are covered by Alberta Health Care. If you are confused about what gets covered by Alberta Health Care, please ask your doctor before visiting the clinic.

Insurance Providers We Work With:


The types of care covered include:

  • Eye infections or injuries

  • Foreign objects in the eyes

  • Sudden changes in vision

  • Monitoring for diabetes issues, glaucoma and retinal disease

  • Post-operative care for cataract patients

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